About Us

We are a team of graduate students at a variety of universities studying the earth from a multitude of different disciplinary angles: climate science, geology, oceanography, and soil mechanics just to name a few! Our goal, inspired by the success of Astrobites, is to communicate new (and classic) geoscience research in a manner accessible to undergraduate students in the sciences. Additionally, we’ll uncover the world of geoscientists and geoscience graduate students through feature articles.

Not only are there many ways to subdivide the diverse fields comprising earth science, but these fields are also, generally, interconnected.  While realizing that some fields may fit in multiple categories while others might not fit well anywhere, we chose to divide up Monday through Thursday posts according to the following broad categories:

Climate Monday

Rock Talk Tuesday

Wet Wednesday

Dirty Thursday

On Fridays, we will post Feature Friday [link that] articles in which we tell stories of days in the lives of geoscientists, conduct interviews, and pass on general thoughts related to working in this field.

We’re glad you’re here! Enjoy the website!

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