Site updates from Mandy

Thanks to Noelle, we have a nice, new background image and tagline “Take a bite out of Time” (though I am trying to get it to work).

GeoSciBites Logo

I also added a few author bios to the site.

Also went through and added glossary information for soil science and links to educational sites. We are looking to expand this list in the future.

We are in the process of trying to find out how our submissions process is going to work, and finding more authors to volunteer. (Noelle may have already gotten a bite! :D).

Now, back to pretending to work on my dissertation.

Welcome to GeoSciBites!

After the resounding success of the Astrobites group, the Environmental and Geoscience Community thought that we could try to replicate these successes with Geoscibites.

Geosciences is a large field encompassing many different disciplines. These fields include climate science, oceanography, geology, soil science, hydrology, atmospheric science, volcanology, and more. However, there is a lot of awesome research to share with you, the adoring public.

We will be digesting and summarizing important new research findings and classic papers for science educators, undergraduates, new (and old) graduate students, and anyone else who is interested (Rock On Rock lovers!). We will do this in a science jargon free manner. We also will feature profiles of scientists, field characters, career tips, and any other ideas that you recommend.

The founding group of the Geobites website got together at the 2013 Communicating in Science Workshop (ComSciCon) for Graduate Students at Harvard/MIT in June 2013. It consists of six graduate student members from varying disciplines and universities. We are hoping to expand to having more contributing members, if you are interested, please email

These are four of the ComSciCon participants in the process of launching GeoSciBites

These are four of the ComSciCon participants in the process of launching GeoSciBites